“AaaS” – Agrum as a Service

Agrum offer personalized, confidential services to our clients and partners, downstream or upstream.  We audit our supply and delivery chain to guarantee and stand by our promise to our clients. We only work with partners we can trust. We strive to deliver the product as requested at a competitive price. Our services include:

Our services include:

  • Weather and crop outlook
  • Price and currency outlook
  • Nutritional advice and quality control
  • Feed hygiene and regulations, GMP+, HACCP
  • Fobbing, sea freight and rail transport
  • Warehousing and logistics
Agrum staff Urmas and Risto

We can also offer research and diagnostic services through Alimetrics Ltd., our cooperation partner. Alimetrics is an independent R&D and diagnostics company established in 2003. They offer contract services for clients interested in intestinal health and developing dietary products which promote health in various host species. Their core competence is in understanding digestion and cellular functions of the host species, intestinal microbial metabolism, and the mode-of-action of various health product categories in the market.

The company has completed over one thousand projects for more than a hundred international customers and their scientists have published more than 200 scientific papers. The group is divided into two operational units, Research and Diagnostics.


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